Manitowoc Community Action Team

Manitowoc High School Students and CAT members

Manitowoc High School Students and CAT members

The Manitowoc CAT is led by staff from Lincoln High School working through their County Community on Transition (CCoT).  The Manitowoc CAT began forming prior to becoming an official Employment First grantee by starting a Jobs First Campaign in the fall of 2012 and working through a strong CCoT and partnership with UW-Manitowoc.

The Manitowoc CAT is focusing on the following areas: 

  • Collaborating with local organizations to host events for families, students and employers.
  • Securing job shadows, work experiences, and paid work for students and adults with disabilities.
  • Engaging students and families, especially over the summer months, in individualized career planning.

Some notable accomplishments of the Manitowoc CAT include:

  • Successful community events, including a Town Hall meeting with Senator Joe Leibham as the featured facilitator,
  • Hosted a trip to Washington DC with over 100 students where they did a Job’s First presentation at the Capitol Visitors Center
  • Involved 16 students and 7 employers in a summer class called “Try Out A Paid Job This Summer!” This program has  been instrumental in helping 10 students obtain jobs.
  • Produced two commercials promoting “Jobs First Manitowoc County”

Watch the Jobs First Video

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For more information about the Manitowoc CAT, please contact Joanne Metzen at  or (920) 686-4740.