Racine Community Action Team

2014 LCS 4th of July Float

The Racine Community Action Team (CAT) is led by staff at LCS. The Racine CAT began forming before receiving a grant from the WI Employment First initiative. Motivated by a desire to see changes in employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities in the Racine area, the team coordinated a community conversation with a broad range of stakeholders in attendance in November of 2012.

The Racine Community Action Team is focusing on these three core areas:

  • Increasing national, state and local decision maker awareness of WI Employment First and why it is important public policy.
  • Fostering dialogue with high school transition coordinators, teachers, students, and parents about Employment First and the importance of integrated employment as the primary outcome for students with disabilities.
  • Developing a business advisory council as well as educating business leaders about the value of WI Employment First.

Some notable accomplishments of the Racine CAT thus far have been: 

  • Three area legislators joined individuals at their job sites in connection with Take Your Legislator to Work.
  • The Mayor and County Executive of Racine have expressed support for individuals with disabilities being employed in the community.
  • A float focusing on WI Employment First has been sponsored in Racine’s 4th of July festival parade for the past two years. Flyers about WI Employment First were distributed to downtown businesses prior to the parade.
  • In 2013, 30 individuals with disabilities enrolled in pre-vocational services in the Racine area have submitted or are in the process of submitting application for services to the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.
  • Held a very successful legislative breakfast in April 2014.

For more information about the Racine CAT, please contact Mary Beth Popchock at popchockm@lcsracine.org  or (262) 598-0098