Jim at Work

Jim at Work

Jim has to go to work today.  It’s a statement that many of us take for granted as a part of our daily lives, but for Jim, his road to work was a little different.  Through working with the staff at Easter Seals in Waukesha, a small company in Menomonee Falls, and Jim’s natural abilities, he has made the goal a reality.

Jim was hired on as part of the team at Twin Metals, the company that produces Heirloom Cookie Sheets.  The high quality, stainless steel cookie sheets have created quite a demand since their first year in business. This put pressure on owner Jeannie Lauret to be able to make sure she had the supply to match that demand. There is a lot of pride that goes into the Heirloom Cookie Sheet for Jeannie and the team.  She knew she had an opportunity but where do you find a dedicated, proud, skilled employee that shared the company values?  Jeannie called Easter Seals to assist in her search.

Jim had been working at Easter Seals as part of the contract services team and was busy looking for an opportunity to enter the work force.  When Jeannie made the call, Easter Seals and Jim responded.  Easter Seals supported both Jim and Heirloom as they worked together as employer and employee to assist in making sure that Jim was the right guy for the job.  Jeannie opened the door with the opportunity, and Jim stepped up to fill the role.

Jim now works 4-5 days a week with his new team, helping the world enjoy better cookies.  He diligently inspects each and every sheet as he proudly etches the signature logo on the back.  Jeannie appreciates the attention to detail as well as the smile and enthusiasm that Jim brings with him every day!