About Us

The Employment First Initiative is a project of the Wisconsin, the Board for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (WI BPDD) in partnership with Wisconsin APSE, and People First Wisconsin.

Meet The Employment First Project Team:

Ann Sievert, WI-BPDD Lead Staff
Phone: 608-267-9897
Email: ann.sievert@wiconsin.gov

Lisa Mills, Project Consultant
Phone: 608-225-4326
Email: lmills67@charter.net

Nancy Molfenter, Project Consultant
Phone: 608-220-4524
Email: nancym_wiapse@earthlink.net

Shannon Huff, Project Consultant
Phone: 608-318-0700
Email: shannon@incontrolwisconsin.org

For more information about the WI Employment First initiative or to get involved, contact Ann Sievert, WI BPDD, at (608)267-9897 or ann.sievert@wisconsin.gov