Charlotte’s dream is to work at Culver’s in Manitowoc, so she is serious about learning food prep and safety skills at the Blue Devil Grill at UW Manitowoc. Charlotte is a 2013 grad of the Let’s Get to Work class at Lincoln High School, and both she and her parents say the experience completely changed their ideas and dreams for Charlotte’s future. Just last year, her parents thought she would go to day services in a facility just because that‘s where they had always expected her to go. A year later, both parents agree that she’s capable of working in the community. She’s doing all the right things to learn great job skills – getting community hours volunteering at Lakeshore Humane Society and St. Vincent de Paul thrift store.

During her senior year, Charlotte’s parents saw her grow in her ability and desire to take on more responsibility. Despite difficult family circumstances, Charlotte asserted herself and showed great determination to go to work and earn money. The support Charlotte received was the result of a collaborative effort from the high school (job coach), N.E.W. Curative (providing and processing timesheets), Goodwill Industries (salary), UW Manitowoc (supervising teacher), county adult service provider Lakeland Care District (bus pass), and her parents.

Charlotte’s first day at work was eventful. She took the city bus alone and got off at the wrong stop! She made signs for the pizza and cookie sales, set up the tables, cleaned up, washed dishes, made pizzas and learned to wash her hands all the time.