It Makes Good Business Sense

Both large and small companies benefit from recruiting people with disabilities.  A successful and diverse workforce includes people with disabilities and Wisconsin’s economy is strongest when all citizens are working and contributing to the bottom line.

Employers have a powerful role to play in improving employment outcomes for people with disabilities.  If you are an employer we hope you will support the Wisconsin Employment First initiative.

Do you believe…

  • Hiring people with disabilities is about recognizing each person’s unique abilities and finding a place for them in our communities and our workplaces.  It’s not about charity.
  • Every person who wants to work should be able to work and enjoy the freedom, independence, and sense of pride that comes from a job well done.
  • Hiring people with disabilities is a benefit to employers, employees, and the community.
  • People with disabilities make quality, committed employees and can be the most dedicated, dependable workers.

If you said ‘yes’ to these statements, show your commitment and support for Wisconsin Employment First!

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